Whole Wheat Pasta for Picky Eaters

Whole-Wheat Pasta for Picky Eaters

Tips to get everyone to try healthier pasta

The kids (and be honest! maybe an adult or two) in the family are turning up their noses at whole-wheat pasta; you, meanwhile, feel that "traditional" white-flour spaghetti and its many cousins are too high in carbs for your health and waistline. But before you pack your pasta pot away, try again to convert the cranky ones to tasty, whole-wheat pasta. How to start:

Try different brands from among the myriad new offerings on supermarket shelves to see which ones you like best. At EatingWell, our panel picked Hodgson Mill and Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat Blend as winners and the blended pasta may be a good way to introduce whole-wheat to the recalcitrant. Go for interesting shapes corkscrew fusilli or bowties will add fun to the dish.

Develop a repertoire of hearty sauces that stand up to the whole-wheat. EatingWell recommends robust pairings of meat, tomato, nuts, greens and other assertive flavors.

Whole-wheat pasta is a healthy, quick and easy meal option providing a significant source of dietary fiber and dense with trace nutrients and phytochemicals. Moreover, whole-wheat noodles satisfy in a way that "regular" white-flour pasta can't, and that helps you keep portion sizes under control as well.

Reprinted with permission from EatingWell Magazine.