8 Trade Proof Goodies for Lunchboxes

8 Trade-Proof Goodies for Lunchboxes

Healthy snacks and lunch ideas to keep your kids going all day long.

EatingWell's nutrition staff knows how important healthy snacks and lunches are for a kid's overall energy and health. Here are some quick and fun ideas that make the grade!

Fruity Kebabs: Spear chunks of pineapple, cucumber, orange and/or grapes on toothpicks; include a small cup of sugar-free yogurt for dipping.

Happy Trails Mix: Combine equal parts popcorn and whole-grain unsweetened cereal; add a small handful of orange-flavored dried cranberries.

Chips & Dip: Pack up a small bag of baked tortilla chips; include a separate container of salsa you've spiked with shredded Cheddar cheese for dipping.

Do-It-Yourself Mini Stackers: Provide whole-grain crackers, 1-inch squares of sliced roast turkey breast and cucumber rounds in separate containers. Let your child stack her own "sandwiches."

Mini Rice-Cake Sandwiches: Spread peanut butter between mini rice cakes.

Taco Bites: Provide separate containers of mini-taco shells (preferably trans-fat-free), low-fat bean dip, shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese and salsa.

Ham "Sushi": Spread turkey ham lunchmeat with a thin layer of reduced-fat cream cheese. Sprinkle with shredded carrot and roll into a cylinder; slice crosswise into "sushi."

Petite Pitas: Fill mini whole-wheat pitas with hummus, shredded lettuce and chopped tomato. Drizzle with Italian dressing; wrap tightly in plastic wrap.

Reprinted with permission from EatingWell Magazine.