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Who says that you shouldn’t play with your food?

At the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club we LOVE to play with food.  I believe that you can craft with food and find fun ways to make fruit and veggies even yummier!

Check out what’s on this month’s menu and combine kids play with food for a whole bunch of creative fun to kick off the summer months.

Caterpillar Salad

Looking to serve salad in a whole new way that kids will love?
Click here to see all of the ‘how-to’s to create a Caterpillar Salad.
Depending on the age, you can prep the supplies, show the kids the photo and  
let them create the salad for dinner!

If you are looking for additional kid-friendly salad ideas check out my Salad Cyclops & Salad Sailboats.  

Froggy Fruit Pops

Freeze pops are fun, but, so is fresh fruit.  
Froggy Fruit Pops are super easy to make and they take honeydew melon to a whole new level. Snack time is fun time…and can even turn into craft time.

Want more fruity fun?  Check out my Melon Monsters!

Grasshopper Fake Shake

Cool drinks are all the rage during the summer months!  
And, a Grasshopper Fake Shake is the perfect serve.  Grab this recipe to make a delicious treat that’s filled with better sips by clicking here.

Don’t forget to check out our Reese’s Fake Shake from last summer (they’re both winning concoctions that have been kid tested).

Stay tuned!  Next month we will be ready to share more kid friendly food bites and experimental recipes for more taste testing yum.  

Until then, keep messing it up and mixing it up at your counters,


Jodie Fitz

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